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2008-12-01 Joe McNally lighting course
Just back from an excellent week of training with Joe McNally, brought home lots of new lighting knowledge. Thanks to the Yukon Cultural Industries Training Trust Fund for financial support.

2008-11-25 RED camera video training
Attended intensive RED camera training – very exciting technology convergence occurring between stills and video cameras.

2008-10-12 Writing about Bear Cave Mountain
Teresa is invited to the new bear viewing operation on the Fishing Branch River. She’s the first freelance writer to visit, and it doesn’t disappoint. A non-stop parade of frosty bears, a rowdy night visitor makes a call and bad weather delays the helicopter a few days.

2008-09-04 Ice bears in Up Here magazine
Check the September issue of Up Here magazine for an article on the ecology of Bear Cave Mountain in North Yukon. It’s not every day you get to see frosty grizzlies chasing a late run of chum salmon at the Arctic Circle.

2008-09-01 Photo shoot in the Tombstones
Four stoked hikers, stellar weather and the crimson fall tundra conspired for a fantastic photo shoot this week in Tombstone Park. The conditions are often a gamble when you venture up the Dempster Highway, but this shoot for Tourism Yukon couldn’t have gone better.

2008-08-15 Launching A Wilder Place calendar
After years of thinking about doing a calendar, this was the year to make it happen. This month we launched the new 2009 A Wilder Place wall calendar, featuring 13 images of the Yukon. It’s available on our website – makes a great Christmas present.

2008-07-22 New writer at the Canadian Tourism Commission
Teresa is doing more magazine and travel writing, and that’s caught the eye of the Canadian Tourism Commission. She’s now one of twenty CTC contributing writers who regularly file dispatches from across Canada.

2008-07-15 Herschel Island on the front lines of climate change
Fritz joins former research colleagues on Herschel Island to follow their International Polar Year climate change-related studies. High water, melting permafrost, invasive species – this Eden of the Arctic Ocean is facing a new reality.

2008-05-28 The rise of Dubai
Hundreds of skyscrapers rise from the desert in the sheikdom of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We’re hearing more about this bizarre place as Dubai knocks off one superlative after the other in its bid to best the West in glitz, status and consumption.

2008-04-20 Our energy paradox
From gas-guzzling Hummers to hills of windmills, Fritz is in Southern California in search of images that tell California’s confusing energy story. In Europe he recently watched alternative visions unfolding in bicycle-friendly Amsterdam, and tracked down one of the largest refineries of North Sea oil in Scotland. That and a wee dram o’ whisky from the other local refinery.

2008-03-30 Canon 1DS Mark III
Canon’s newest is a phenomenal camera, and it will change our business.

2007-10-25 Grizzlies at the Arctic Circle
It’s a sight that seems out of place: grizzly bears caked in ice frolicking in a half-frozen river choked with salmon. This month Fritz was among the first photographers to visit Bear Cave Mountain in an ecological reserve at the core of Fishing Branch Park in North Yukon. 

2007-07-21 Rafting the endangered Taku River
Invited by conservation group Rivers Without Borders, Fritz tagged along on a funder rafting trip on the Taku River in northern B.C. Waiting for high waters to recede, they spent several days in the upper Taku enjoying the generous hospitality of Tlingit families.

2007-07-10 Cumulative effects research in the Bow River Basin
Scientists and community organizers working on water issues in the Bow River Valley brought Fritz and his aerial photo expertise and environmental assessment background to southern Alberta to photograph the impacts of development in their watershed.

2007-06-02 America’s Gas Tank
Spent a couple of weeks shooting the Athabaska Tar Sands at Fort McMurray, Alberta. It’s a staggeringly altered landscape – you need to get in the air to see the scale of what’s going on.

2007-03-10 Caribou images join Smithsonian Museum climate change exhibit
Ten of our large format prints of the Porcupine caribou herd are being presented with Arctic: A Friend Acting Strangely, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History climate change exhibit in conjunction with International Polar Year.

2007-01-20 Three signature photographs acquired by City of Whitehorse
City of Whitehorse and Yukon government purchased three large panorama photographs for their art collection. The three 9-foot-long prints are installed in the main concourse of the Canada Games Centre in Whitehorse.

2006-09-20 National campaign photo shoot
FMP is selected to shoot for the National Marketing Campaign, a major national campaign showcasing the North that coincides with the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Winter Games. This is the most comprehensive destination marketing campaign launched in Canada’s North.

2006-07-18 New digs and two new roommates
It’s been a pretty big year for us on the home front. Last month we welcomed our newborn twin daughters, Robyn and Stella. We also recently finished building a new home.

2006-06-25 A summer in Alaska
Sticking close to home this summer and shooting in Alaska – Sitka, Skagway, Juneau, Haines...

2006-05-03 Larger than life
Tourism Yukon has selected two of Fritz’s signature images to anchor its new marketing strategy for the Yukon. Working with the branding agency, Zero Gravity, we’ve worked out a multi-year license to lend the Tombstone and Swirling Aurora images to Yukon’s Larger Than Life campaign.

2006-02-14 Rhythms of the herd
This month we’re showing large-scale prints of migrating barren ground caribou simultaneously at Zola's Cafe Dore in downtown Whitehorse and the Grotto Gallery at the Yukon Arts Centre. We made these photographs and journal entries between 2000 and 2005 during journeys into the summer range of the Porcupine caribou herd.

2006-01-30 Nature’s Best picks aurora image for Top 100 of the decade
Nature’s Best magazine has selected our swirling aurora image – a previous Nature’s Best contest winner – as one of the top 100 photographs from the past decade. Watch for it in Nature’s Best 10-Year Best of the Best Collector’s Edition.

2005-10-01 Birth of the International League of Conservation Photographers
Travelled to Anchorage, AK for the World Wilderness Congress and joined the conservation photography and writing conferences. Inspired talks by hundreds of presenters like Dr. Sylvia Earle, Tui de Roi, David Quammen and Joel Sartore.

2005-09-15 Back to school
Fritz attended a 6-week intensive digital imaging course at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana.

2005-09-05 Richardson Mountains photograph honoured by Nature’s Best
Aerial photograph of the North Yukon tundra cloaked in scarlet has been singled out at the 2005 Nature's Best International Photography Awards.

2005-08-10 Bears on the Taku River
Fritz joined Phil Timpany and Mark Connor as they prepare to launch a bear viewing operation in the Taku River watershed.

2005-07-27 Following the caribou migration
We spent most of this month in North Yukon following the Porcupine caribou herd. For several days, we were surrounded by tens of thousands of cows, calves and bulls on their southward trek.

2005-03-10 Peel watershed panorama anchors campaigns and new book
Our ‘green valley’ panorama anchors two major campaigns this year – a tourism campaign for Wilderness Tourism Assn. of the Yukon, and a conservation coalition working to protect the Peel River watershed – and the cover of a new book. Watch bookstores for Three Rivers: The Yukon's Great Boreal Wilderness.

2004-06-01 Advanced Artist Award
Teresa received a Yukon Advanced Artist Award to write our Yukon photo book. She retreated to a cabin near Kluane Lake for much of July and August to write.

2004-07-20 Shooting a new park
Joined Yukon Parks staff and biologists working on baseline research in advance of establishing protected area status for Asi Keyi Territorial Park.

2003-08-01 Three Rivers Journey
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society invited us to join 35 other artists, writers, photographers, journalists, elders and community members on the Three Rivers Journey, a series of river expeditions in the Peel River watershed to help deliver its conservation message. We paddled down the Wind River through the haunting beauty of the Wernecke Mountains.

2003-07-10 Hard luck on the Firth
Our much-anticipated rafting expedition down the Firth River was cut short due to heavy rains and record high water – we were airlifted out halfway down the river.

2003-06-03 Caribou magic
A summer highlight – no, let’s make that a lifetime highlight – was being surrounded by the migrating Porcupine caribou herd in Ivvavik National Park. For three days caribou spilled around us. We came very close to crossing paths with Karsten and Leanne of Being Caribou, but our satellite phone failed us and we missed them by a mere 9 km.

2003-05-19 Bluethroats, butterflies and the Beaufort
We spent a month with a Canadian Wildlife Service bird research team on the coastal plains in Ivvavik National Park.

2003-05-15 Top honours at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition
Tombstone stole the show this year at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition. It earned the competition's Grand Prize and garnered a ton of exposure. Fritz also won the Mountain Landscape category with his photograph of mountain goats and glaciers in Kluane National Park.

2003-03-31 Full-time photography
Fritz has decided to focus on photography full-time. Loved biology, gonna miss it. Not an easy decision.

2003-02-20 NANPA and a workshop with Sam Abell
Just back from New Mexico. Fritz rubbed shoulders with the industry’s finest at the NANPA summit in Albuquerque. Meanwhile, Teresa was immersed in a photographic book workshop in Santa Fe with the legendary Sam Abell. Grateful to Sam for his insights and advice.

2002-06-01 Launch two new posters
Visit Yukon’s galleries to see two new posters, the panoramic Tombstone and the Wild Wolf.

2001-06-17 Visit to Icefield Discovery
Pleased to get an invitation to join friend Sian Williams in the St. Elias Icefields and help her set up their seasonal camp overlooking Mount Logan.

2001-08-04 MTS raft trip on the Alsek River
Accompanied the fine guides from Mountain Travel Sobek on a rafting trip down the Alsek River. Shared knowledge of Kluane ecology, told lots of Yukon stories, and enjoyed the chance to remind everyone that their ‘Alaskan’ rafting expedition was, in fact, in Canada.

2001-05-28 Madagascar: Eyes of the Jungle
Our first gallery show – best work from a month chasing critters in Madagascar.

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