Yukon - A Wilder Place

160-page softcover book [10" x 12"]
Second printing, October 2017

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Praise for the book

“If landscape is a gymnasium for the sensibilities, as the novelist John Fowles once wrote, then the Yukon is an Olympic gymnastics pavilion... as Fritz Mueller and Teresa Earle reveal in Yukon: A Wilder Place” – Wall Street Journal

“A handsome coffee-table book... Mueller is a biologist, and his photographs are informed by his knowledge – and awe – of nature. There are majestic panoramas of mountains and rivers, delicate close-ups of butterflies and flowers, and dramatic scenes of caribou herds in migration, as well as grizzly bears in pursuit of prey.” – Louise Abbott, Montreal Gazette

“The wife-and-husband team long established as a top-drawer writing and photography duo... have deepened their understanding of the territory’s wild spaces over the years by working on projects that bring them to extreme locations. The result is a book that is luscious, breathtaking and informative. Mueller’s images are seductive, and Earle’s clear, poetic writing creates links between awe and understanding.” – Meg Walker, What’s Up Yukon

“This husband-and-wife team – he’s a biologist and photographer, she’s a writer – has produced a gorgeous tribute to the spectacular beauty of a little-known part of Canada. Shot with a biologist’s sensibility and an artist’s eye, it goes deeper than mere landscape shots, breathtaking though those are, right down to shots of tiny plants underfoot and glacier dust.” – Julie Carl, Winnipeg Free Press

"I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to understand and vicariously experience the Yukon, as well as for long-term residents and visitors who want to celebrate its beauty.” – Mark O’Donoghue, Arctic Journal

“In a world of Photoshop and shortcuts, this book is a testament to the power of light, the power of being there, to the majestic and diverse lands that make up Yukon, and the power of dedication.” – photographer and blogger Dave Brosha

About the book

A celebration of the Yukon, one of the world">
Photographs by: Fritz Mueller
Text: Teresa Earle
Foreword: Sam Abell

In this remarkable collection of photographs, Fritz Mueller captures fleeting, compelling moments in a timeless Yukon landscape, one of the world's wildest and most overlooked wilderness areas. The view through Mueller's lens is influenced by his scientific roots and inspired by his visual artist's aesthetic. Although the beauty of this raw landscape is a central theme, his images also tell the story of a magnificent, complex natural system. Mueller takes us on the annual migration of the Porcupine caribou herd, and he captures intimate portraits of icy grizzly bears gorging on salmon at the Arctic Circle. His appreciation for nature's minutiae -- voles, berries, frogs -- is a refreshing perspective on a landscape writ large.

This photographic work is complemented by an evocative text by Teresa Earle. We learn about the Yukon's vulnerability, as shown in photographs of fragile tundra ecosystems, a rare orchid photographed in a top-secret location, and an icefield bathed in the pink glow of desert dust carried from halfway around the globe. The book is a deeply personal project for this husband and wife team, who spent much of the past two decades exploring landscapes that have defined both their relationship and their passion for wild places.

The authors offer an exquisite portrayal of a wild place on the cusp of change. As wilderness vanishes and intact ecosystems deteriorate, the Yukon remains one of the last wild hot spots, a conservation treasure of international significance.

“Over time I’ve tried to explain the Yukon’s unique esthetic to people. The beauty, I say, begins beneath your feet and doesn’t stop as you lift your gaze to the horizon. Now I can simply place this book, and its hard-won, eloquent evidence of what the Yukon is, into their hands.”—from the foreword by Sam Abell, National Geographic

More praise for YUKON

"Nothing short of a lifetime commitment to the wild beauty of the Yukon could have produced a book as stunning as this."Karsten Heuer, author of Being Caribou

"A luminous, artful effort. If you want to get an idea what makes the Yukon such a magical place, this is the book to buy."Ed Struzik, author of The Big Thaw: Travels in the Melting North

“Each of the stunning photographs in this beautiful book evokes the true glory of this country. To behold these images is to be drawn inexorably into the struggle to protect such lands for all generations yet to come.”Wade Davis, author of The Sacred Headwaters and Light at the Edge of the World

“The book is a true reflection of unsullied nature. Yukon: A Wilder Place is beautiful representation of Canada's North, a place I lived and loved for over twenty-five years.”Ted Harrison, artist


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