Fine Prints

Fritz Mueller's photographs are available as custom fine prints for framing. Fine prints capture the vivid colours and fine details of the original photographs. 

Our fine prints are produced using the superior LaserLIGHTJET digital printing process. These prints far exceed the quality and sharpness of posters or ink jet prints. Each image is printed on archival photographic paper and signed by the photographer.

To protect your prints, we recommend framing them under glass. In the case of very large prints, where glass may be costly or impractical, we can arrange to have your print professionally laminated before you have it framed.  

Please contact us directly if you have questions or want to discuss your print selection. 

Sample Sizes

8" x 12"
12" x 18"
16" x 24"
20" x 30"
8" x 24" (panorama)
12" x 36" (panorama)
16" x 48" (panorama)
24" x 72" (panorama)

Contact us for pricing and to obtain a quote. Custom prints must be paid for when you place your order. 

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