Published articles and stories in development by photographer Fritz Mueller and writer Teresa Earle.
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A Cultural Gold Rush: Image

A Cultural Gold Rush

After spending more than a century in the shadow of Klondike lore, First Nations heritage is stepping into the limelightmore...
Snake Run: Image

Snake Run

The clash between conservation and exploitation plays out in the Yukon’s Peel watershedmore...
Through Salmon Paradise: Image

Through Salmon Paradise

This might have been the fishiest place I’ve ever been – everything eats salmon, smells of salmon, and the ecology of thmore...
The Double Life of Alberta's Bow River: Image

The Double Life of Alberta's Bow River

Southern Alberta's Bow River desperately needs a break, but it doesn’t seem to be getting one.more...
Icefields of Dreams: Image

Icefields of Dreams

For five decades, scientists have flocked to a research camp in the Yukon. The food and showers are hot, the camaraderiemore...
The People Behind the Inuksuk: Image

The People Behind the Inuksuk

VANOC all but took the inuksuk as its own. Northerners came to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics determined to claim it back.more...
Valley of the Ice Bears: Image

Valley of the Ice Bears

A remarkable gathering of grizzlies happens each autumn on a river in the deepest Yukon. Now a landmark conservationmore...
Deciphering Dubai: Image

Deciphering Dubai

An ambitious, visionary sheik saw Dubai's future in tourism, showbiz and real estate. Can it weather a global recession?more...
Running Out of Time in Canada's Boreal Forest: Image

Running Out of Time in Canada's Boreal Forest

Boreal forests cover 40 per cent of Canada's land mass, and they're getting trashed.more...